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Window Tint

Tinted windows on car

Window Tinting: Starts at $149

The two main reasons people elect to have the windows tinted on their vehicles are security and style. Since tinting has been widely available, consumers have known that with window tinting, price almost always coincides with quality.

As a style element, window tinting is considered a necessary part of the customization process. From rat rods, to import street racers, tinted windows convey an extra element of “coolness” and mystique. Vehicle style is dependent upon details. Somehow, the darker the window tint on a custom ride, the greater the perceived vehicle value and driver status. Oh yeah, it’s true. Tinting is a finishing touch that sets real rods apart from the wannabes.

The practical side of vehicle window tinting is security. Tinting allows drivers and passengers to look out, but prohibits unwanted stares from coming in. This works for vehicles that drive through unsafe areas of town, and for phone users wanting to go unnoticed by the chat/phone use police. A personal vehicle should provide a sense of confidence and power. That same ride with tinted glass also provides and extra sense of security on the road.

Tinted car side windows

Deciding to tint windows is a question of “why and how much?” Window tinting is one of those rare services where price equals quality. Several grades of window tinting are available no matter why a vehicle owner wants its. The best window tinting installers will be happy to educate vehicle owners about tinting choices and pricing schedules.

Low Grade Tinting

The lowest grade of standard window tinting uses a composite dyed metalized film. This is the most common tinting seen on front windows that only cover a portion of a window. This tinting procedure literally uses a micronized film covering adhered to a window’s surface. The film is shaded with metal particulates in a spectrum of colors. The main use of this film tinting is the blocking of reflective light, but it does little to mask outside viewers from seeing inside of a vehicle.

Medium Grade Tinting

Carbon tinting treatment is excellent for eliminating glare, heat and some optical ability. This mid-grade tinting is either glued, infused, or laminated onto vehicle glass. The carbons in this type of tinting increase the tint treatment’s lifespan and performance in all weather conditions. Grades of tinting beyond 20% percent are easy with this type of window treatment.

Best Quality Window Tinting

The best type of window tinting on the market are films made from ceramic, heat and radiation-blocking elements. Any grade of darkness is achievable with this tint style, and glass and vehicle interior integrity is almost a certainty. Ceramic elements are pre-treated with extreme heat and act as a true skin on a vehicle’s windows. This tinting type blocks all forms of UV light and heat, resists fading and can even improve a vehicle’s window strength in a crash. This is the type of tinting that people purchase for one-of-a-kind and absolutely noticeable customization jobs.

Making the decision to tint a vehicle will incur a cost that is proportional to the type of tinting desired, and the amount of glass surface to be tinted. Small vehicles are relatively cheap to tint, unless high-grade ceramic customs are desired. Large vehicles like overland trucks and vans can cost more because they have extra window surface and contours to treat.

General Window Tinting Prices

Let’s talk about window tinting prices. On average, a compact car or sedan having a medium-grade tint installed will cost around $222. This is less than the cost of two tires, and it can increase the vehicle’s sale price from appearance improvement alone.

Standard late model car lot models average about $297 for a legally dark tint job. This is an extremely reasonable rate since the tinting from a dealer usually includes a spectacular warranty against defects and film inconsistencies.

Large vehicles like crew cab trucks, extended vans and custom vehicles should expect an average window tinting cost of around $325. Most window tinting prices are based on six windows with easy access. Trucks and vans feature large split glass and auxiliary glass on panels all over the vehicle. Exceptional amounts of tinting product is required for trucks and vans, so the cost is logically more than a sedan or other passenger vehicle.

Before tinting a car or truck, always make sure you know the laws and ordinances in the local area concerning tinting percentages. The cost of tinting can greatly increase if local law enforcement will not allow a certain type of tinting. All tinting is a valuable addition to a vehicle. Due diligence is needed to find the perfect type of tint for any vehicle and any budget. Of course your local window tinting professional will be able to advise you on all these things.

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